Monday, June 2, 2008

Current complaints

-Teams of ROTC high school soldier people doing drills and counting their reps by SHOUTING at 6 am.
-The New Yorker fiction issues. I'm sorry, but I think they're boring, and I only read like 25% of the content.
-Every time I walk back to my car, there are seven new scratches and dings on the bumper.
-A hole in the lining of my purse (bag). I thought I had lost my phone or left it at work all weekend until I realized it fell into the hole and I had it the whole time.
-My hair. Boring, grown out, looks bad with bangs, which I really want, but think is not a good idea.
-Why does Mac make their laptops white? It just makes them look disgusting and dirty all the time. They should have chosen a more appropriate color like dingy, brown/gray/green.