Saturday, May 31, 2008

June round up

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Paul Simon & Velvet Underground. I only like music that is 20 years old at a minimum.


Tomato and avocado salad with oil and vinegar, homemade pickles (!), these are the foods of the summer!


Sam Adams Summer Ale, port


Season finale of LOST (HOT SAYID), and Northern Exposure (also amazing). Not SATC movie.


June brought me to Baltimore, San Diego, San Antonio, and Philly. I know, glamorous. I've got a nice OnePass mileage balance.


Grilling AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE: Meats, veggies, corn, potatoes, anything.


Catching up on the New Yorker (always), A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Yee haw

I'm in San Antonio. I had a sort of spongy, moist roll with a hole in the middle for breakfast and put cream cheese on it. It was weird, because they called it a bagel.

San Antonio is like Disney world with reeeeally good fajitas. People are also saying hi to me all over the place, and I'm like "excuse me, do I know you?"

Friday, May 9, 2008

Patricia makes COFFEE nervous.

One thing I really love doing is looking at what other people are purchasing and try to figure out what type of people they are/judge them based on that. I most often do this at the grocery store. Like if you're in front of me in the line, and you've got fruits and vegetables, cheeses, anything whole and raw to cook food with, I automatically really like you and start wondering what your plans are and wish you were my friend. And if all you have are frozen pizza, pepsi, and frozen garlic bread, I scoff a little bit because clearly we have nothing in common.

A little background: I somehow convinced Matt to watch a downloaded copy of You've Got Mail on Tuesday, and we had the BEST time. That is one of those movies you totally forget about and is wayyy better than you remember. I would always say I love Sleepless and Seattle and When Harry Met Sally best, but YGM is just as good, you just don't remember because the AOL lingo and dial-up modem sounds date it and make it look gimicky and cheesy, but it's such a comforting and funny story that makes New York look beautiful, and Meg Ryan's clothes and hair are soooo cute (this is just before she started looking like a crazy facelift, big lips lady). Matt LOVED it too (almost as much as he loved Enchanted), it was a great night.

Anyway, I went to Tunes on lunch to try and find a gift for my mom, and I browsed the used movie section, and they had it there for 5 bucks! So I decided to get it of course, along with Fever Pitch for $2, because that's another one you don't expect to be good but it's actually really sweet and Jimmy Fallon isn't that bad at all! I really don't like baseball at all, but I LOOOOVE baseball movies; they make me feel good about America and life.

So I check out, and I'm thinking, "please don't say anything, please don't say anything" to the guy, because how dumb do I look?? And as he's ringing up YGM, he says "So many of my friends have warned me about this movie." I was totally ready to defend my purchase, obviously, so I shot back "Noooo! You think it looks bad, but it's actually really funny and well done!" And then I proceeded to ramble on about the episode of Undeclared where Seth Rogan's character tries to convince another dude that it's actually an awesome movie (which is true), but I think he thought I was nuts. Tom Hanks is similar in the way that he's so universally known to be Great Actor that I think I tend to forget about him, and he is just so funny in this one. So, as I was leaving, I just kinda yelled, "GIVE IT A CHANCE!!!" which is really sort of desperate of me. He probably wouldn't even admit it if he actually liked it.

From the previously mentioned episode of Undeclared:

Lloyd Haythe: What's your favorite film?
Ron Garner: I tell people Red Dawn, but it's really You've Got Mail. Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, a very likable Greg Kinnear ... you think you're better than it, like 'Ooh this movie's going to suck' but then you watch it and it becomes a part of you

Later, while they're watching it:

"It's just ... pleasant. It's like waves lapping against the shore or something. It's like, they're emailing each other, and they don't know, and everyone's reaching out and they're connecting. It's like us bonding. It's beautiful."