Saturday, May 31, 2008

June round up

Currently ...

Listening to:

Paul Simon & Velvet Underground. I only like music that is 20 years old at a minimum.


Tomato and avocado salad with oil and vinegar, homemade pickles (!), these are the foods of the summer!


Sam Adams Summer Ale, port


Season finale of LOST (HOT SAYID), and Northern Exposure (also amazing). Not SATC movie.


June brought me to Baltimore, San Diego, San Antonio, and Philly. I know, glamorous. I've got a nice OnePass mileage balance.


Grilling AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE: Meats, veggies, corn, potatoes, anything.


Catching up on the New Yorker (always), A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

1 comment:

Maize said...

I'm confused...June just started. How have you already done all of this stuff?

OMG, the time zone difference has jumped from 3 hrs to one month, hasn't it? I always miss this stuff.

Your life sounds full and fun! Miss you. :-)