Saturday, March 29, 2008


We just got in from Spain and Portugal, and because we decided it would be a better idea to stay up all night last night rather than get 2 hours of sleep before going to the airport at 5 am, we're exhausted. I'm also distressed because I'm trying to figure out how I will continue to incorporate getting up late, taking a daily 2-hour nap, and eating a minimum of 4 meals a day (includes Dinner I and Dinner II) into my drab life. Ohhhh and 1.50 euro glasses of wine and Super Bock (have you heard of it??) and good bread from the grocery store that doesn't cost $5 per loaf like Hoboken. And for some reason, I figured Spring would have thoughtfully begun by the time we got back, yet it's 30 degrees here.

It felt really good to be in Europe, and it feels really good to be home.

Pictures later! I'm still alive and I'm gonna go now and research turbulence and try to find assurance that it cannot knock a plane out of the sky because I think my blood pressure has shot up six million times after the past few flights this year ...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Take that, Claire!

I talked to my sister on my walk home from work yesterday about the issue of Obama's pastor's "controversial" viewpoints and remarks. She said it's worrisome to her that he would associate himself with such a person and that he wouldn't renounce him like John McCain apparently did in a similar situation. I disagreed. I think it's an entirely too-simplistic take on the issues. Race plays a big part here. Angry-sounding black men scare a lot of people in this country, they don't understand the origins or reasons for the anger. Obama is not appointing this man to his cabinet. This is a complicated issue that deserved an in-depth response.

When I made it home, I watched Obama's response on YouTube (transcript).

Just perfect. When in my life have we heard politicians speak to the American people like this? He took the issue so far and said some really brutally honest things that anyone else would not have touched with a ten-foot pole. I think it's really important that we have a leader who can address tough issues so diplomatically but not to alienate anyone.

Not that I want to compare the two issues directly, but Hillary has not addressed the sexism she faces in such a way that could truly lead to greater understanding on all sides (which, I think is equally deserving of such attention), nor do I think she is capable of doing that. She is playing a game, and that's fine, it works sometimes.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sad day

One of the best things about living in New Jersey is that we have tons of options for amazing bagels. Like if you live more than 75 miles outside of the NY metro area, you most likely don't know what a bagel should taste like. The price of flour is on the rise! And with the $3 slice, also comes the 90 cent bagel! The place I get my bagels at previously charged $8/dozen, and now I'm paying close to $11! This is going to make a major difference in my nonexistent monthly budget! And I can forget about the baker's dozen they used to give me, which is still actually printed in the menu, but I never get, and I feel weird asking for, even though I'm a much more assertive person than I used to be. These people are dealing with the flour shortage, after all!

Because I frequently buy and eat bagels, another large part of my life is spent buying cream cheese. It's out of control! It seems like I'm seriously making special trips to the fancy Hoboken grocery stores for more cream cheese 2x a week (at $3 a brick!) because I'm about to run out, Katie can tell you that this is true.

I actually think I might need to start a BJs membership even if it's only for cream cheese and pickles. Does anyone go there who could tell me if they sell half-gallon tubs or anything like that? Or maybe I should just buy a cow so I can make it myself. That could definitely be cheaper, after all, Matt does have a backyard.

One time someone bought Matt a children's book for Christmas called "I Like Bagels," as a joke because he's Jewish, but little do they know that he actually LOVES bagels, and I look at the photos in the book all the time!

I'm trying to make an effort to cook with foods I haven't before. Hence the kale and chard adventures. I bought butternut squash yesterday, and I'm searching for a recipe now. Just from searching, it seems like you're supposed to make soup with it, which I'm not really feeling for this week. I'll probably make this since I have all the ingredients and I love roasted vegetables, and it will be simple and great.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

An attempt to be relevant

My New Yorker cover this week made me laugh:

And I just read a great article about Hillary's latest ad and why she is not best suited for the nomination or presidency.

I get it if the fervor of the Obama campaign and his young, idealistic support base rub you the wrong way, but let's focus on real things, like fact that Hillary's campaign and erratic tactics are troubling and prove that she's willing to do and say anything to get what she wants. Seriously? You think it would be fair to count the votes in Michigan and Florida when everyone was told they wouldn't count. Obama's response was frank and appropriate as always.

"Obviously that would not be fair. I think even my 6-year-old would understand it would not be fair for Senator Clinton to be awarded delegates when there was no campaign."


I was just looking back through my posts so far and what was supposed to be an exciting new project to motivate me to follow through with my hobbies and connect with strangers over the Web (heh), and it seems I've been a miserable failure at every turn.

Remember my herbs? Yea, they all got mold and died. What about my scarf (from the same post)? Remember that exciting and ambitious project? Well, I knitted about 1 more foot of length, and then realized I'd dropped a bunch of stitches a dozen rows back and had a big hole in it, and I would need to pull out a few hours of work to fix, so I haven't touched it for a month and a half. It's also March now, and I'm not really feeling the need for a scarf like I once did, so I'll probably forget about it. How sad is that??

Also, I'd love to share with you all the lovely tilapia I made last week, and my awesome recipes for basics like chili and a vodka sauce (two different things), but my camera is mysteriously not working, so I'm the kind of person now who makes her delicious food and gobbles it up, but never takes pictures of it or discusses in detail how/what I did (the original purpose of the blog, hence the ingenious name).

Anyway, I'm going to try to be better, I was just feeling kind of sorry for my lazy self and needed to share it with the world (or just my bf and maybe my sister).


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Project Runway finale post!

I think my favorite, Jillian, will not win (I love her monotone complaining!). I wouldn't be surprised if it was either of the other two, but I have a sneaking feeling that it's going to be Rami. Christian is FABULOUS, of course, but maybe he needs to learn how to edit. Tim is giving the group an inspirational talk right now, and I'm starting to choke up ... Oh my ... I can predict right now that Victoria Beckham will fall in love with Christian. I take it back now, he might win.

Soo, the bad part about having a blog is that when you don't post for 1 week+, people start bothering you about it. I guess it works though, because here I am!

The biggest/most exciting news is that I'm going to Spain and Portugal with Matt and Christa in two weeks. We bought the tickets two weeks ago, and as of Monday, I have our entire itinerary mapped out in Google spreadsheets (which, btw, is the answer to most problems in life).

We fly into Lisboa, and spend the first two nights there. We're doing a day trip to Cascais where we will rent bikes to ride up the coast to secluded beaches and have a picnic and go to the zoo! Then we're going to Sevilla for 2 nights where my cousin is studying abroad. We'll go to Tarifa (aka, the Hawaii of Spain) for an overnight where we will be able to see Africa from the coast (maybe take a ferry to Tangier???), take free salsa lessons (embarassing for me!), and have another picnic on the beach. One more night in Sevilla, one more in Lisboa, and we're home!.

Within that plan, I need to fit in a wine tour and a bullfight (my understanding is that they don't kill the bull in Portugal, but I'm still uncomfortable). I also have to stuff myself with tapas and cheap seafood, and try harder to like Port. Do you have any advice??? No soccer games, since it's Easter week.

I'm fully prepared for everything that's going to happen while I'm over there: I'm going to feel so awkward and oaf-ish and poorly dressed and extremely hungry, since you officially are not allowed to eat dinner before 11 pm. But I don't care! I'm going to eat a lot and go out in public wearing sneakers and jeans and a ponytail and ignore all the looks! I did go to forever 21 today to get some shirts that will make me look a little less sporty. That's what I always do when I realize all I own are t-shirts and dorky/conservative work clothes and have nothing appropriate for a party or ... Europe: panic and run to Forever21 and pick up something trendy I'll only wear once.

Aww! Rami's collection celebrates women! I love that!!

Oh, the other exciting thing that happened is that Matt got punched in the face a bunch of times on Hoboken St. Patty's day. So uncivilized! The story is sort of ridiculous though, and aside from that, it was a good time. I think next year, I'll throw a small brunch gathering for only a handful of people and serve bellinis.